Who are we?

Agents who truly care

Casa Verde REA was founded in the believe of better serving clients by keeping consistent communication throughout the buying or selling process. We understand how the real estate market can be and we are here to help you navigate the noise. We are committed to give you an amazing experience with our team of agents who truly care. Whether that be in English or Spanish, we help our clients from different walks of life find their way home. 

We advocate for all our buyers and sellers by going above and beyond to help them find, home.

We know how intimidating the process may seem but we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our Story

We started out as team in the Joplin area, but quickly grew because we were the only team who were truly bilingual. Within months we expanded to Springfield, Neosho, Pineville and more areas. We found success early on due to our constant communication practices, out of the box thinking, and personal touch. By building a strong team foundation, a  vision was formed and we decided to take it to another level by becoming the first Bilingual Brokerage in the Joplin area, and expanding to Springfield.  

Two Peas in a Pod

Our founders Sharon Gonzalez-Harper and Crystal Pierson saw a disconnect between agents and clients, they decided to form a plan to connect the gap. They never thought it would take off as quickly as it did but after working a couple of months together they decided to become a Bilingual Brokerage to connect yet another gap; the agent and brokerage. 

Soon after it became a family affair with their husbands Cody Harper and Dennis Pierson joining the brokerage in a behind-the-scenes capacity. Now its all hands on deck to continue providing quality work to our clients and training our agents. 

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned seller we strive to provide you with the best experience. We updated you constantly, stay on top of documents, work around your schedule, while giving you professional advice throughout the process. Our search for your perfect home is very extensive and our market analysis very comprehensive. Though the real estate market has its ups and downs we consistently give our clients quality service throughout the transaction process. 

Professional and Personal

We go above and beyond for our clients while keeping things professional and personal just how it should be.

Creative Concepts

Where there is a will there is a way, we credit our out of the box thinking for getting even our most difficult transactions closed.

Constant Communication

Personalized communication, we accommodate your schedule in order to keep you updated on your transaction.  

What are clients have to say about us

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